Maid cleaning services for homes in Annapolis, MD

Posted by on April 24, 2013 5:42 pm

Maid cleaning services in Annapolis, MD starts with Green Apple Cleaning.

maid cleaning annapolis mdGreen Apple Cleaning is a reliable, affordable, and friendly maid service company servicing homes in and around Annapolis, MD.

For over 10 years, Green Apple Cleaning Services has been providing maid cleaning services to home owners in Annapolis, MD and Baltimore, MD. Each of our maids are trained professionally and hired upon experience and professionalism.

The best part about our maid cleaning services is that you choose how often you want us to visit, and you choose a plan that fits your budget. We offer top level Platinum plans, Gold plans, and silver plans.

Take a look at our house cleaning plans here. We offer free estimates for all of our maid services.

If you live in Annapolis, MD and need a maid to clean your home, call Green Apple today at 443.801.0008.

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